Building projects

TAC is committed to reducing our impact on the environment and providing comfortable, affordable homes that are economical to run for the people who live in them.

Our new developments will see a number of updates in their specification in response to climate change and sustainability, including smart energy meters, surface water attenuation to relieve flooding risk, controlled ventilation and, where required by planning, solar panels to attain 10% renewable power to new developments.

Homes at our new site in Nantwich will also feature charging points for electric vehicles and we anticipate that this will rapidly become a standard feature of our new homes as we see more opportunities to ‘futureproof’ the houses we’re building.

All of our homes are fitted with LED bulbs, which are extremely energy efficient, consuming up to 90% less power than traditional incandescent bulbs. LEDs’ lower energy consumption dramatically decreases power costs, and they have a considerably longer lifespan, meaning lower replacement costs.

TAC director Dave Griffiths says: ‘The technology is improving immeasurably. All of the homes we’re building are designed to have lower running costs and help reduce the environmental footprint for residents. They’re more energy and water efficient than homes built to the latest  Building Regulations standards.’ 

TAC uses a variety of specification upgrades to improve the thermal efficiency of walls, windows and roofs, by using the latest materials. Our homes are also designed to reduce thermal bridging and heat loss, and we are looking next to installing low and zero carbon technologies including solar and solar thermal panels and photovoltaic tiles to help minimise heating and hot water costs.